Natatolana borealis

(Lilljeborg, 1851)

Body long and oval. Antennular flagellum (a1) with many segments, antennal flagellum (a2) with about 30 segments. Antennal peduncle with six segments (five segments obvious).
Pleopods 1-2 similar. Pleopod 3 with broad and flat basis.
Hind margin of pleotelson with four pairs of spines.
Uropod with endopod longer than pleotelson; bot endopod and exopod with spines.

Bright light with brown spots

Length 27-33 mm.

Epizoic on fish, also free-swimming.

Depth range
Down to 1500 m.

Distribution in the North Sea
All North Sea (also in Kattegat).

World distribution
N Atlantic Ocean, including the Mediterranean Sea.

[Nierstrasz and Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1930]